It increases the efficiency of your work by creating and overseeing multiple listings with Bidber.

About BidBer


Bidber online

Bidber is an online tool which is meant to assist brokers in closing deals with clients. Whether it is a buyer or a seller, the matching of the offers end of the transaction process can now be fully automated and guarantee the transparency, efficiency and price optimization.



Thanks to Bidber

Thanks to Bidber brokers keep full control of even the most complex transactions happening simultaneously and focus their attention on building relationships with their clients.


Bidber gives…

Bidber gives brokers a possibility to expand their business without compromising their position of market experts and product specialists.

Bidber can be used by brokers in various ways. Acting on behalf of their clients, brokers may:

  1. organize any kind of auction (buy or sell) based on the very specifics required by their clients
  2. organize an auction for logistics and freight forwarding if required
  3. invite selective parties to place competitive bids as requested by their clients
  4. send effective communication to auction participants
  5. assure the most transparent, efficient and optimal price and quality management


Organize auctions and invite friends to the auction


Increase your efficiency while maintaining the quality of services


If you have any questions, we are at your disposal 24/7

How it Works

With Bieber you will be able to organize actions and invite selected participants, monitor the status and manage multiple auctions simultaneously. System will send target messages in an automated manner about important changes. This way, your actions will be more effective and efficient. You will gain valuable time that you can use to create relationships with customers.

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